Kittens born on 9th March 2014 to Sargenta Silver Daniella

Kyrin on my bed with the Cavaliers’ newly washed toys
11 weeks old

Kyneburga (female) and Kiera (male)
11 weeks old

Kyneburga really takes to the camera
11 weeks old

The 3 silvers --- Kyrin (male), Kessog (male) Kyneswide (female)
11 weeks old

All 5 tuck into lunch -11 weeks old

Kyrin (male) finds a box to rest in (11 weeks old)

Kiera (male) finds the empty bowl and tells me off --- mind you his food is in next room
11 weeks old

Kittens in pen at 11 weeks and enjoying climbing and hiding in play

Younger photos:

The kittens take over my bed with their sire, Cadifee Johnfenwick
9 weeks old

9 weeks old, with sire


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